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I'm Mark Quire, a UK-based graphic artist. I offer high quality graphic art and design at excellent rates. I specialise in graphics for games, but I work for clients that value professional creative input across all industries, for organisations of any size, from individuals to corporations.

Check out the samples below. Please Contact Me for project costings or with any other queries.



Take a look at my Redbubble store where you can buy selected pieces of my art on a range of items from t-shirts to phone covers by way of all sorts of things!


Latest Art

Spymaster - Boardgame Graphic Design

10th September 2019

Graphic design for Calliope Games on their game 'Spy Master'. I designed practically every item, from the logo,
through the board, cards, and so forth (with the notable exception of the figure on the cover, painted by the
inestimable Andrew Hepworth).


Everyone Loves a Parade - Boardgame Graphic Design

10th September 2019

Did a bunch of graphic design for Calliope Games on their game 'Everyone Loves a Parade'.
Notably the logo, but also a bunch of in-game and on-card elements too.


Monoline - Complete Game Graphics

19th November 2017

Worked with the developer on this game last year, and I've been given clearance to show it off! In this instance, I came up with the name, too. Love that kind of input.

A unique take on twitch games, switching a craft between different tracks to collect items and avoid enemies. It was fiendishly difficult in prototype, and I suspect will remain so when published! Hopefully we'll see it hit phones and tablets in 2018.



19th November 2017

A veritable clutch of recent logo work.


The Gratta - Character

2nd July 2017

A new character for DungeonHoldUP.

The Gratta!

Two parts rabid rat, one part snapping turtle, all pain.


The Warlock - Character

1st July 2017

Another new character for DungeonHoldUP.

The Warlock!


Goblin - Pixel Art Sprite

1st July 2017

Many idle goblins! :D


D'Ness, the Fighter/Alchemist - Character Illustration

1st July 2017

A new RPG character illustration.


Greedo Wants YOU to Shoot Second - Rodian Public Service Announcement

28th June 2017

Greedo features in this Public Service Announcement from Rodians everywhere who are really tired of dying in slow-draw gunfights in cantinas across the galaxy. Plus, anything that speaks to our inner Han Solo can’t ever be a bad thing, right?

Available to BUY NOW on t-shirts, phone cases, stickers, mugs, and many other items on the Redbubble Store.


DungeonHold Characters

30th April 2017

Four of the characters for forthcoming game DungeonHoldUP.

The 'Buckler, the Squire, the Cutter and the Runner!


The Swashbuckler - Character

25th April 2017

Sneak peek at the first character for a game in development, DungeonHoldUP.

The Swashbuckler!


Characters - Illustrations

28th March 2017

Four recent character illustrations for RPGs.


AcroSplat - Trailer

21st March 2017

Here's some stills from the trailer I made for the excellent puzzler AcroSplat from App Street Games!

Watch the trailer itself on YouTube


Grand Admiral Thrawn's Blue Pale Ale - Beer Label

6th March 2017

Designed in collaboration with my esteemed colleague Mr. Shawn Moynihan, the label for Grand Admiral Thrawn’s very special and very tasty Blue Pale Ale, brewed by the Chimaera Brewing Company at Mount Tantiss itself!

Available to BUY NOW on t-shirts, phone cases, stickers, mugs, and many other items on the Redbubble Store.


Vidar the Shadow Elf - Character Art

27th February 2017

Personal commission for a client in the US. Love doing these. :)


Vertical Aid - Technical and Medical Illustrations

25th February 2017

I'm hugely pleased to have been commissoned to provide technical and medical illustrations for the inimitable team behind Vertical Aid - Essential wilderness medicine for climbers, trekkers, and mountaineers. Vertical Medicine Resources is a renowned climbing company providing medical training and consultation. In Vertical Aid, they have produced the most complete guide available for managing both emergencies and chronic injuries sustained during climbs.

If you're a climber, get it pre-ordered now!


Spiral Crafts & Workshops Logo

23rd January 2017

Logo for the wonderful Spiral Crafts & Workshops.


Family Portrait

14th January 2017

Family portrait commissioned for a Christmas present! Had huge fun drawings these guys!



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