I'm Mark Quire, a UK-based graphic artist. I offer high quality graphic art and design at excellent rates. Much of the work shown here is for the games or fiction publishing industries, but I work for clients that value professional creative input across all industries, for organisations of any size, from individuals to corporations.

Check out the samples below. Please Contact Me for project costings or with any other queries.

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Pirate - Robot - Zombie!

22nd November 2016

Revisiting these sprites now that the Pirate and the Zombie have been joined by the Robot!

There's one more character to come in this series - of course! - but in the meanwhile, they are available to BUY NOW! on everything from t-shirts to phone cases to mugs and all kinds of other merchandise on my Redbubble store.


New Shamanic Animal Emblems

18th November 2016

The latest Animal Emblems. These guys will feature in an exploratory puzzle game called TOTEM, forthcoming from GhostPixel.

And in the meanwhile, they are available to BUY NOW! on everything from t-shirts to phone cases to mugs and all kinds of other merchandise on my Redbubble store.



10th July 2016

This map was actually drawn a while back, and is well overdue showing here!
Main map first, and then a handful of closeups.

When you click on this one, give it a while to load! :)


Aliens! - Banners

20th June 2016

The full banners for a forthcoming tutorial website.


Aliens! - Characters

19th June 2016

Character illustrations for a series of headline banners for a forthcoming tutorial website.


Zippy Squirrel - Character and Logo

5th May 2016

Character illustration and logo for Zippy Squirrel.


Comic Boy - Colourized Art

5th April 2016

Stay Heavy Games are in the process of re-releasing their black and white game Escape The Page, to create a full-colour version: Comic Boy! Here's some comps of the many assets.

B&W line art by the inimitable Stine Sørensen. Colours by me.


The Welder - Character Art

21st March 2016

Character art for Post World Games, for their post-apocalyptic tabletop game 'The Carcass'.


Dwarf Thief - Character

21st March 2016

Don't know about you, but I wouldn't mess with him.


City Builder - Logo & Promo Art

12th March 2016

Logo and promo art for JNA Mobile's City Builder Start Kit in the Unity Asset Store. Now updated to no longer need NGUI.


The Carcass - Logo

10th March 2016

Logo co-designed with the developer, Post World Games, for their tabletop game 'The Carcass'.


Arturs the Ranger - Character Art

5th March 2016

Personal commission for a client in the US. A lot of fun, this one!



29th January 2016



28th January 2016



23rd January 2016


Boss Enemy System - Promotional Art

21st January 2016

Promo art for JNA Mobile's forthcoming Unity Asset Pack.


City of Masks - Colour Logo

14th January 2016

The full colour version of the logo for City of Masks, a tabletop game forthcoming from Post World Games.


Simblocity - Complete Redesign

13th January 2016

Recently had the gerat pleasure of working with Eligendi on a complete redesign of their exisiting frenetic 3-match game Simblocity. Re-working everything from the playing blocks, through the UI, title screen, etc, right on to the app icon.


10th January 2016 - City of Masks - Logo

10th January 2016

Logo for City of Masks, forthcoming from Post World Games.


Escape The Page - Colourized Art

10th December 2015

I was contracted this year by the most excellent dudes at Stay Heavy Games to colourize the existing black and white art for their game Escape The Page, to create a full-colour version. Here's one of the many assets.

Line art by the inimitable Stine Sørensen. Colours by me.


Platformer PRO - Promotional Art

29th July 2015

Promo art for JNA Mobile's forthcoming Unity Asset Pack.


Jewels - Sprites/Icons

20th July 2015

Thought I'd chuck these little gems up on to GraphicRiver, see if anyone can get any use out of 'em! Vector jewels, 100% Adobe Illustrator.

Get 'em while they're hot!


Pirate - Character Design & Illustration

15th July 2015

Character design and illustration for a new developer based in the US.


SpriteIlluminator - Character & Background

20th May 2015

Character and background work to demo CodeAndWeb's brilliant SpriteIlluminator app.





Logo Symbol

28th April 2015

Symbol for a logo for one of Tesseract Engine's settings.


Jutsu - Characters, Backgrounds

2nd April 2015

New Backgrounds and enemies prior to the relaunch of retro Ninja platformer Jutsu, forthcoming from Pixel Stomper!

More to come on this closer to release...



Math Commander - Background, Weapons, Vehicle, UI, Logo

31st March 2015

Very pleased to continue to work with Elf Games! Always a pleasure working with Ed Farias.



Ternin - UI

4th February 2015

Last spring I got to work with Ansette on the UI for their 3d puzzler Ternin.



Zombie - Character

29th January 2015


27th January 2015 - Pirate - Character


Ghost Pixel Games - Logo

23rd January 2015


Equanim - Logo

21st January 2015


Man or Goat - Logo, Backgrounds, Buttons, & Bucket!

27th October 2014

Everything now and again something really special comes along. You know just it's going to cause a buzz.

Thus it was with the unexpected but entirely welcome arrival of an offer of a commission on Man or Goat, the debut app from (I'm sure they won't mind me saying) barking mad but brilliant developers Newtquest Games.

Inspired by Banzainer's superb Goat illustrations, I worked on the tiling backgrounds, the buttons, a bucket (and some things to go in it - you'll have to get the game when it comes out to find out about that...), and the logo. All shown here as one.


Hungry Hal - Logo, Backgrounds, UI, and Items

25th October 2014

Just in time for Halloween, Elf Games have released their zombie runner, Hungry Hal!





Big Cheese Games - Logo

3rd October 2014

Sometimes, a literal representation is just too cute to resist!


The Hunter's Treehouse - Characters and Background Illustration

10th July 2014

This project was an excellent opportunity to work with a client who was excited to let me experiment with style.



The Supervisor - Character

9th July 2014

I've been having huge fun in recent months working with Michael Leung on his forthcoming twin-stick shooter Babylon Inc.

It's definitely one of the biggest projects I've worked on, if not the biggest. In total I've drawn over 1,200 frames of animation - so far!

One of the most detailed parts of that was the first Big Bad Boss: The Supervisor.

This tiny tiny version shows only a selection of all the current Supervisor frames.

A closer view of a handful of Supervisor frames.


Snail - Character

7th July 2014

A posed version of a Snail character for a forthcoming game from Somnium Entertainment. I did an in-game version too, where he's animated retreating into his shell!


Glass Shadows - Logo

7th July 2014

The logo for cyberpunk tabletop RPG Glass Shadows.


Superhero - Character

7th July 2014

Superhero character for Reckless Games, in a neutral pose so that the developer could animate him themselves.


Skippy Squirrel - In-game art, Logo, and Promo Graphics

4th July 2014

All the game art for Skippy Squirrel (available now on the App Store! Coming soon, I believe, to Google Play).

A lot of fun this one. Proper lo-fi, low-res pixel art.





Black Talons - UI

3rd July 2014

Entire UI re-design for Camel101's forthcoming Science Fiction RTS, Black Talons.

The images below are crops - click to see the full image.






Epic Ninja Game - Story Comics

5th June 2014

Intro, Incidentals, and Outro comics for Epic Ninja Game. I wrote and drew these, based on notes from the developer. Just in case this isn't entirely obvious - there are spoliers for the plot of the game herein! Not that any of them would ruin the gameplay, but consider yourself warned. :)


Pixel Stomper - Company Logo

28th February 2014

Logo design - with character - for new Canadian company Pixel Stomper, developers of Epic Ninja Game.


And here's a close-up!


TiTi & MIRO'S ADVENTURE - Logo, Icon, and Promo Graphic

12th February 2014

Logo, Icon, and Promo graphic for http://hub.ae's forthcoming game Titi & Miro's Adventure




MOHNKEYBEAR & TREVOR - Character Illustration

3rd February 2014

Character design for a forthcoming series of interative ebooks aimed at children aged 4-7.


DEMON SKULL - Illustration

2rd February 2014

Illustration for the Demonium RPG, forthcoming from Tesseract Engine.


EPIC NINJA GAME - Promo Screenshots

23rd January 2014

I started working on Epic Ninja Game right from the prototype stage, and drew literally all of the art. Watching the game come together has been fantastic! Here are the promo screenshots I compiled ready for launch.





All Epic Ninja Game images © 2014 Pixel Stomper Inc. All Rights Reserved.


21st January 2014 - EPIC NINJA GAME - Icon and Promo Graphic

As well as doing all the in-game art for Epic Ninja Game, I worked on the promo graphics and icon. The icon's design changed over time - iOS7 hit during development, and the overall feel of icons changed with it. Here's the version re-designed specifically to fit in with iOS7.


All Epic Ninja Game images © 2014 Pixel Stomper Inc. All Rights Reserved.


20th January 2014 - EPIC NINJA GAME - Backgrounds

More of my work from the forthcoming Epic Ninja Game. This time, a selection of tiling parallax backgrounds. These are shown here at about 20% of their size in-game (each image being a set of three 1024x1024s) - click to see them about twice as big for a little more detail.

Each image in each set of three, tiles with either of the others, allowing them to randomly and seamlessly follow each other.




18th January 2014 - EPIC NINJA GAME - Character

The very first look at the eponymous hero of Epic Ninja Game, forthcoming from Pixel Stomper! We're going to be hearing a lot more about this retro-styled twitch platformer in the coming months. The game launches on multiple platforms on the 20th February, and I'll be showing off a lot more art from it shortly!


18th January 2014 - ZOMBIE BORIS - 'Packaging' T-Shirt Design

Personal work for a bit of fun! I've submitted Boris to Qwertee.com (every vote there counts!), and, in the meanwhile, he's available to buy print-on-demand on a tee from Redbubble!



18th January 2014 - ROAD RUSH RACING - Logo, Menus & UI

Last summer I worked with Rolltower Studios on their physics-based racing game, Road Rush Racing. I designed the logo, the menus, and the in-game UI.




16th July 2013 - CHAPEL & WELL - 3d

3d scene for a puzzle/hidden object game. One of five.



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