I'm Mark Quire, a UK-based graphic artist. I offer high quality graphic art and design at excellent rates. Much of the work shown here is for the games or fiction publishing industries, but I work for clients that value professional creative input across all industries, for organisations of any size, from individuals to corporations.

Check out the samples below. Please Contact Me for project costings or with any other queries.

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Re-worked logo for Tesseract Engine's forthcoming RPG.

Quire Graphics - DEMONIUM


MIPSTERS - Characters & Logo

It was great fun working with Sam Ladak of Piney Games on some art for their first iOS game, Mipsters.

Quire Graphics - MIPSTERS Goodies


Quire Graphics - MIPSTERS Baddies


Quire Graphics - MIPSTERS Logo


VOID OF DARKNESS - Logo & Promo Video

I designed the new logo for Tropical Games' forthcoming science ficiton sandbox game, Void of Darkness, and used it in this video.

Still of the logo from the vid:

Void of Darkness Logo


VOID OF DARKNESS - Top-down Spaceship

Protoype spaceship for Tropical Games' forthcoming space game inspired by 'Starflight' and 'Distant Worlds', Void of Darkness.

Quire Graphics - VOID OF DARKNESS Player Frigate outlines


Quire Graphics - VOID OF DARKNESS Player Frigate colour
Click here for a bigger version.



Promo banners at three different sizes for Wraith Software's Android game Jewel Bash Pinball.

Quire Graphics - Jewel Bash Pinball Promo Banners


QUIZUS - Logo, UI, App Icons

Logo and UI for a mobile game from a developer in Australia.

Fiery Symbol


Fiery Symbol


Fiery Symbol


Fiery Symbol


Fiery Symbol


Tango - Animated Sprite

Character for endless platformer WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot.


Squirrel - Animated Sprite

Character for a mobile game for a developer based in Boston MA.



Logo for science-fiction property Haliciad.

Fiery Symbol


Logo Symbol

A work-in-progress treatment of a design route for a game logo symbol.

Fiery Symbol


SF-themed UI

A science-fiction themed UI set for the inimitable John Avery at JNA Mobile in Australia. It featured twenty separate elements, including: Background; Button; Alternate Button; Checkbox; Radiobox;Stat Box;Small Stat Box; Item frame; Scroll Bar; Progress Bar; Main Window; Compact Window etc.

SF-UI Landscape

Please do note that all of the art (save for the background) is placeholder work of mine, not pieces that JNA will use. That includes the logo below for the totally fictitious game HALICIAD. :)

SF-UI - Portrait


Alien HACK! - Logo, UI, Backgrounds, and Characters

A second re-skin for one of Deep Blue Apps' templates, for a client in Florida.

Alien Hack Logo


Alien Hack Background


Alien Hack Characters


Dwarven Fury - Logo, UI, Backgrounds, and Characters

A re-skin for one of Deep Blue Apps' templates, for a client in Florida.

Dwarven Fury Logo


Dwarven Fury Characters


Dwarven Fury UI and Items


Dwarven Fury Backgrounds


Zombie - Character & Animation

Drawn and animated for Paul Mcrae Lind's forthcoming mobile game Paul Livingston vs The Living Dead. The character was supplied as individual frames, and I've taken him here and popped him into a simple Flash scene so you can see him in action.

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Tank - Low poly 3d

Semi-futuristic tank. Re-modelled in Silo, UVed in Silo. Ambient Occlusion from Maya. Textures in Photoshop. Rendered in Maya, textures shown here 2048x2048. 2600 triangles.

Rhino Tank Low Poly 3d


Gridlock Empire - Logo, Promo, Menu and Character Graphics

Towards the end of 2012, I had the great pleasure of working with Dave Hull on his game Gridlock Empire. Dave is a man of great wit, intellect, and talent, and his game is shaping up to be a classic. Get hold of the beta for Android while it's free!

Gridlock Empire


Gridlock Empire Characters


Gridlock Empire Menu


Gridlock Empire Impeached


Gridlock Empire Pieces


Gridlock Empire Menu


Beach Break Surfers - 2d Character & Item Design

Paul Mcrae Lind commissioned me to create a bunch of items and characters for his forthcoming mobile game, Beach Break Surfers.

Beach Break Surfers


Beach Break Surfers Beasts of the Sea


Beach Break Surfers Beasts of the Sea


Viral Dawn - Logo and game UI

I worked with Brand N Games on their forthcoming survival horror game, Viral Dawn.

Viral Dawn Logo


Viral Dawn UI Elements


Viral Dawn in-game


Oingie Boingie - Logo

Logo for Tesseract Engine's forthcoming iOS and Android game, Oingie Boingie:

Oingie Boingie Logo


Nightfall - Logo

Logo for Alderac Entertaiment's excellent Card and iOS game, Nightfall:



Robots! - 3d Game Graphics

A series of four battle robots, and the arena they fight in,in lo-poly 3d for a forthcoming iOS game. Designed from scratch. Modelled in Silo, UV mapped in Modo, textures in Photoshop:


HELL - Cover Art

Cover Art for US horror writer John Prescott's novel, Hell:



Cubicle 7 - Logos!

I've had the great pleasure of working with the team at Cubicle 7. They commissioned me to do several logos:

Quire Graphics - DragonMeet Logo


Quire Graphics - Game Force Logo


Quire Graphics - Department 7 Logo

Quire Graphics - Genesis Descent Logo


DARK AGE Zeme - Logo

Logo for Tesseract Engine's new series of games and books:



Galaxy Pirates - Logo

My friends over at Evil Robot Games commissioned a new logo for their forthcoming game:

Galaxy Pirates


The Tomb of Baroch - Cartography

This is volume three in Tesseract Engine's Strange Cartography series. It's a whopping great big 32 inch-wide and 30 inch-high 1"-squared map of a tomb, designed for use in games that require such things for miniatures battles.

This is the first map that I've done most of in 3d. There's some Photoshop work in there, post-pro (mysterious bloodstains and other miscellaneous stains and splatters), but the basic tomb (and its sparse contents!) were modelled in Silo and textured and rendered in Modo. The fun part of that is you can take pics of it from different views (hence the isometric view below) and even get right into the tombs (hence the picture of Baroch's tomb right at the end).

Spellbound Kingdoms Website


Tomb of Baroch - Close-up 1


Tomb of Baroch - Close-up 2


Tomb of Baroch - Isometric


Baroch's Tomb
Finally, then, a bit of fun. The models aren't designed to stand up to such close scrutiny, but here's a close-up of Baroch's grave, replete with statue of his favourite hunting dog.


Strange Cartography - Logo

Strange Cartography Logo

Spellbound Kingdoms - Website

Frank Brunner has made some considerable headway on the Spellbound Kingdoms site content, so it's time to show it off:

Spellbound Kingdoms Website

I designed and developed the site, and now the client manages the content himself. Care was taken to keep the code as clear and clean as possible, heavily commented to let the client know how the HTML works.
Click Here to visit the site.


Spellbound Kingdoms - Logo

Frank Brunner commissioned a new logo and website for his Spellbound Kingdoms RPG. The website is still in development, but for now...here's the logo:

Spellbound Kingdoms Logo


Golden Age of Steam - Logos

Evil Robot Games commissioned me to create a single colour and full-colour treatment of the logo for their forthcoming Golden Age of Steam game..

Golden Age of Steam - One Colour

Golden Age of Steam - Full COlour


Sixtystone Press - Logos

Adam Crossingham contacted me to design a logo for his publishing company Sixtystone Press. We needed a one-colour (black-and-white) version and a full-colour version too. Both are shown below.

Sitystone Press - One Colour

Sixtystone Press - Full Colour


The Cynosure Accord RPG - Logo

The Cynosure Accord Logo
Full-colour logo for Tesseract Engine's forthcoming The Cynosure Accord RPG.

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